Sketchbook Online 1.02 Notes

The inventory slot update may shift your inventory, bank, and skills around so simply move them back and they'll work again

General Features

  • Added 4 new cosmetics (eyepatch, hairclip, etc)
  • Added more inventory slots
  • Added Wheat Whacker (harvesting tool) and Mage Buster (judge weapon)
  • 2 new skills for Dragoon

Balance Changes

  • Adjusted the EXP curve even more (30% increase per level)
  • Reworked Steel Emperor to be a shotgun that does more damage at close range
  • Reworked Pincer Punchers to be a hybrid Defense/Attack weapon instead as well as changing Takedown to scale with Defense
  • Slightly reduced the damage of Flurry Strikes as it was just outclassing everything else by a long shot, even with the drawback of it costing health to use
  • Adjusted Wooden Cane to be slower in favor of bigger splash damage
  • Significant scaling increase to Heat Ray
  • Adjusted much of Judge's kit to be more potent overall, like Grand Flash stunning and having a large radius as well as Smite and Holy Rays hitting harder
  • Changed Silencing Blade to Stunning Blade as it just wasn't making the cut for Spell Sword being a somewhat solo class
  • Food is more potent and easier to make
  • Slightly buffed King Crab and Smasher's damage
  • Reduced Trukly's healing a bit


  • Countless tooltips and other small oversights, thank you to everyone who pointed these out!
  • Fixed the level cap breaking because the EXP required to level got to ludicrous amounts
  • Brawler's Blade Stop not being telegraphed well

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Farewell, overpowered Flurry Strikes, I'll miss them. 🫡